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Nvidia 7200 GO VRAM Size Incorrect - I did Everything Already :(


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Before anything else, I'd like to first state that I researched about this and even tried a few experiments myself. Now, the problem with my video card (I am on Snow Leopard) is that while I do get QE and CI with no problems at all except for a second of static here and there, is that I couldn't get the VRAM size to be recognized correctly.


I have already inserted the dev id to NVRESMAN, NDANV40HAL.kext, and even GEFORCE.kext, Repaired Permissions and Extenions. but still to no avail?



I would really appreciate to get the video card working with the correct VRAM size so that I could run Apple Final Cut Pro (I already decreased the minimum VRAM size of the app but to no avail)


Can anyone please help?


Thank you.

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