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Bluetooth wake from sleep

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Does anyone know the best bluetooth adapter to wake up from bluetooth mouse or keyboard, I've currently got the Trust BT-2400p, it works after wake from sleep but cann;t wake the computer from sleep with keyboard/mouse.

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good question, have read the dbt-120 works with revisions b2-b4... i currently have a b4 on its way to me that i won off ebay for $5.. will let you know how it works out...

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I was having trouble too, until I found this topic on the board...


Broadcom 2045/2046 bluetooth legacy Kext


If you can find or have one with a Broadcom 2045 or 2046 chipset in it, the legacy kext above should work. I tried it on both an AUS BT-21 and a Targus ACB10US (old long silver one), and both the Magic mouse and the short keyboard work flawlessly with the Targus ACB10US. The ASUS BT-21 works (wake from sleep too) but there seems to be a slight bit of mouse lag, but not all the time. Though it might be due to where my computer is (under my desk way in the back).


I feel that the Targus ACB10US works the best (that I have tried), it's long (about 1 inch long and silver in color), but, they don't make it anymore, I found mine on ebay for 3 or 4 USD.


I did a search on Google for broadcom 2045 usb bluetooth dongle and got quite a few hits.


You can also read this topic to find suggestions on dongles too.


Apple Magic Mouse and bluetooth dongles

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so yah, i can jiggle my mouse to wake up my pc now with a trendnet tbw-105ub

got it for $17.99 at Fry's... just use the legacy text the poster above linked.. edit the device/product ids and voila...

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