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  1. ok, well i just made up the #s, but that's more or less what mine looked like heh... it did create a space though, so it appeared like <12ef487e 506e> /shrug
  2. i tried this and in my plist ROM looks like <12eg487e 506e> is that how it should look in plist?
  3. Clover General discussion

    I see, then it's beyond my control. Fortunately, it doesn't appear to cause any problems. Edit: I was poking around in bios looking for settings that might be the cause and disabled Fast Boot - no longer get the invalid parameter
  4. Clover General discussion

    So it appears now that I have Clover booting UEFI from my SSD, I get this message after booting my OSX Partition. ExitBootServices() = Status Invalid Parameter MapKey = 3B4B. LastMapKey = 3B4B This is an error and should be resolved For Now, we will force ExitBootServices() once again yadda yadda It still boots into ML though and everything appears to be fine, just not sure what this means or what to do about it. It doesn't happen when booting UEFI from thumb drive, and it doesn't happen first boot after putting clover in my EFI partition on SSD, only all the successive ones thereafter. Anyone have an explanation?
  5. Clover General discussion

    Yah, you were spot on with this post... w/ DSDT fixed or by just using StringInjector w/ device properties from Chameleon I no longer get that consistent reboot 30 seconds after sleep. I have one other issue, which is that the bootloader never shows my volume names for boot drives when booting through UEFI (this was never a problem w/ Boot0 booting). just the icon and "booting mac osx from _______" Any idea what that might be about? Edit: Nevermind, I was using old HFSPlus driver, I get Volume names now
  6. Clover General discussion

    Well, I'm using 1708 modded firmware for my P8Z77-V Pro, I believe it's UEFI 2.1 (what's yours?) I'm not using any dsdtixmask's in my config.plist. I'm only using fakesmc, applehda, and lan kexts (oh and patch for cuda cores on gtx 670)... my dsdt.aml just has warnings cleaned up, adds for HDEF & USB "stuff" kyndder did it unfortunately, I'd have to compare to my clean to figure out what was changed. My config.plist is basically stock, just added GraphicsInjection=no and USBInjection=No Not sure about your eject error and dead usb ports on wake, I've simply never had this issue with or without DSDT, though without DSDT edits my system would reboot 30 seconds after waking when using USBinection=no as for mouse, idc either, would be nice to get rid of the pointer I guess though or ideally just disable it all together.
  7. Clover General discussion

    Knydder actually helped me w/ my DSDT a bit and now am sleeping and waking fine w/o reboots, can wake from all peripherals wired keyboard/mouse & magic trackpad/wireless keyboard... I've never had dead USB ports on wake with this system or eject errors on wakes though... or bluetooth KPs on restart (using flashed DBT-120 B2)... my config.plist is very light and i'm using very few kexts (sound, lan & fakesmc) dsdt & sddt. Tentatively my only remaining issues are w/ UEFI booting WoL still doesn't work and in bootloader mouse is super tweaky (position only refreshes when right clicking). dmazar seems to think it's just our board's uefi though w/ mouse bootloader issue, strange yours doesn't have the issue though and you're also using something from p8z77-v family.
  8. Clover General discussion

    I just want to point out that when I boot w/ Boot0 and USBInjection=No then I can use my peripherals to wake and there isn't a reset. I have the same dilemma as shiecldk I think, It's only when using USBInjection = No when booting through UEFI that my system resets itself about 30 seconds after waking. I find it curious that I'd need a patched DSDT for UEFI booting and not boot0. Seems like a driver dilemma, but the aptiofix driver schiecldk uploaded isn't helping me.
  9. Clover General discussion

    Hey all, I just skimmed through this entire thread and wanted to relate some of my experiences UEFI booting Clover on a P8Z77-V Pro, particularly regarding wake from sleep. Using a DSDT I created w/ only simple HDEF fix I wake to black screen (works fine in Cham) NO DSDT, wakes fine but only w/ power button (no usb peripherals/bluetooth) With: <key>PCI</key> <dict> ... <key>USBInjection</key> <string>No</string> </dict> Can wake from peripherals/bluetooth BUT restarts after 30 seconds (tried shiecldk's OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi files but still restarts after 30 seconds) So that's where I'm at, can wake fine but only w/ power button, OR w/ peripherals and restart after 30 seconds or so. For the record, my usb devices do work fine after waking. Also, my mouse doesn't work properly within the bootloader when UEFI booting, I think somewhere back towards the beginning of the thread dmazar said it's due to OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi... Basically it actually works, it just doesn't refresh its position when I move the mouse. However, if I right click the mouse it jumps to the place that I moved it to, so I can quasi use it by guessing and right clicking to refresh its position lol. Anyways, everything else seems to be working in an orderly fashion, speedstepping, restart, shutdown etc.
  10. Hey all, have pretty much ground out my last few residual issues w/ my P8Z77-V Pro build but have one small nuisance. On boot, my optical drive door opens and on restart it closes again... The eject button on Apple keyboard doesn't work... This is w/ Sony Optiarc that worked fine on prior gigabyte board. It keeps creating little hazmat folders in Finder where the drive should be, sometimes I'll get multiple folders like this w/ reboots. Is somewhat irritating, I virtually never use the drive to begin with lol. I saw one other post like this here w/ somebody else w/ a P8Z77 board, but there was never a resolution mentioned. Just curious if anyone has seen/dealt w/ this one. Actually I just stuck a disc in and it's not detecting it whatsoever.... It does list the Optiarc in system profiler... Not sure what gives though, perhaps osx doesn't like the sata port it's plugged into /shrug.
  11. try kernel flag darkwake=0 for the WOL needing additional key stroke issue
  12. Ok, everything is beautiful now, found some dsdt code of masterchef's which i used as a template and my temps are every bit as good as generating P & C states through cham
  13. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    hey guys, i was playing a DSDT generated through mald0n's dsdt autopatcher as opposed to my own personally edited one, and came up with some uniquely different wake problems than before, which i found quite interesting.... 1 power button click, as opposed to waking without graphics and going back to sleep, instead woke up to a black screen w/ spinning beach ball and stayed awake, spinning indefinitely. also, 1 click of wireless trackpad the graphics were suppressed, but instead it did not go back to sleep.... the fans continued to spin... with an additional click it became stuck w/ the blue screen when graphics are initializing.
  14. Hey all, I tried the fix in the original post and have had some success, my idle temps seem great, a few degrees better than generating P & C states through chameleon actually. My issue, however, is that my temps seem to spike significantly using this DSDT fix (like 10c) from merely playing a song in iTunes, which doesn't really seem to correlate with processor usage. This doesn't happen when using chameleon to generate P & C states, only when using this DSDT fix, yet my temps are quite perfect when this system is idle all together. http://pastebin.com/hfpb49fY is my portion of my dsdt, as you'll see i have 6 pstates for my q9550 and i've used my generated values for each of them.