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USB stops working after installing updates on a fresh InstalL


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Hello Everyone! I installed S3 on my Dell Dimensions E310, and S3 worked flawlessly! (Except my menu bar was not transparent) Until I updated from the software update. The updates installed without a problem, my computer rebooted and logged into Snow leopard without any kernel panics.


But heres the problem, when my computer logged into Snow leopard, I went to go move the mouse, and the mouse didn't respond, Neither did my keyboard. I looked under my mouse and there was no laser light. I looked at my keyboard and there was no lights either. None of my USB ports are working.


I rebooted and when my computer came up to the bios screen my mouse and keyboard lit up. as soon as the "Multi-boot" screen went away to the Apple logo, My mouse and Keyboard shut off.


How can I fix this? I cannot get ANY of my USB's to work. I can only use my XP partition and Linux CD's I have: AppleUSBaudio.kext







backed up because i read somewhere where i can just replace these from the ones that were installed and my Snow leopard would work again. I also have my old AppleHPET.kext aswell saved onto my flashdrive with the other kexts.


Any help would be really appreciated!


Thank you!

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use this by nawcom



Will give this a try! thank you! I was wondering How can i access the /extra/extensions since i am unable to use my mouse or my keyboard.


Will linux work? When I try linux and open up the osx partition it says "Read-only" :\ Thank you!




|_____ Nevermind i got MacDrive and it mounted my OSX partition Let me see if it works :D

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