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Dell Inspiron 9400 Core Duo

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1 Well i don´t Speak and write on English, but i try ok. :poster_oops:


2 I´m owner a laptop Dell inspiron 9400


Procesor: Core Duo 2 Ghz

Video Card: Ati X1400 ( don´t Work) 256 mb

Audio: Sigmatel 9200 (Don´t Work) :)

Modem: Conexant (Don´t Work) :blink:

HD: 80 gb sata :whistle:

DVD Burner 8x dl (SuperDrive) :whistle:

Intel Wireless (Don´t Work) :thumbsdown_anim:


Mac Os x86 10.4.6 and trying update to 10.4.7


Well i try to work on this beacuse it´s to similar a macbook pro (jejejjee), well i think so,

i try whit video driver but i´m not have good answers

then whit sound but nothing

well the batt monitor and ..... WORKS!!! i´m happy.


a little trick i config the Bios to one core, because when i try core duo the system goes to far!!!

then of that works great.


well here is the question core duo o core solo?


thanks :dance_24:

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