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    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    I had the same problem with my m1330 too. All you have to do it put it back to sleep (or display sleep) and wake it. FN + ESC key combination should do the trick. ----- On a different note. I can't VGA out with my m1330-x3100. When i set it to the external display, it only shows the osx loading screen (the gray screen with the swirly circle, just not swirling). And once it hit FN+CRT/LCD key, it gives me a scrambled screen on the built-in display, I have to sleep it to get the display back. Any help/suggestions here for a working VGA out?
  2. Hi there, my m1330 x3100 cannot sleep. All it does when I call it to sleep is turn the screen off, fans off, then just turns everything back on, resulting in nothing. It's like it just goes to sleep for 1 second, then wakes. Any solutions? Thanks.
  3. poor you mayhem... on another hand, i got m1330 (x3100 gfx) to work almost perfectly with iatkos 5i (10.5.5) Here's my little tutorial: on the DVD installer of iatkos 5i: main system efi 9 appledecrypt smbios (any one works) intel ahci speedstep a laptop battery ps/2 <- for trackpad and keyboard to work! don't select a graphics driver if you have a x3100 since it works out of the box vanilla. for me, the screen sleeps whenever it boots osx (but the system is still running). by pressing Fn + Esc, it somehow resets it and the display turns on. if you want, you can go to expose (under system preferences) and set hot corners (active screen corners) to "sleep display," so whenever you put your mouse to the corner, it wakes the screen when you pull it out. for audio, use macgirl's sigmatel 9882 kext: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=30865 make sure you use kext helper (http://cheetha.net/) audio should work, but no internal mic as of yet to get the mediakeys working, use the "Install Dell Laptop Post Installer" by sonotone here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wgiqnumhmny i had experienced issues with the desktop icons going missing and could not click and drag to make a selection box on it. only reason i had this was when i installed incompatible kexts. The settings and kexts above are correct (at least for me) and works splendidly. Only problems: - no internal mic - no sleep. I click sleep and in 1-2 seconds, turns back on. anyone?
  4. well i got it to work (magically) with the configuration that i have listed a few posts up. i did not use the x3100 drivers in the installer, and osx just detected it and the graphics works perfectly. there were many bugs that irked me like the desktop was not "clickable", as in the icons turned into the background and could not select it. I got pissed so i just uninsatlled osx by deleting the partition.
  5. flyers 4i worked perfectly for you? like trackpad, booting etc? how about x3100?
  6. main system efi 9 appledecrypt smbios resovler / or air intel ahci laptop bat ntfs-3g yes i got it to boot, kinda. only problem now is that i get an "error encountered...etc etc. pause 5 seconds" and after that, it gives me a blue then black screen and can't do anything. sometimes if i move the touchpad, it will allow me to see the intro video and the first page of the registration, but can't move the trackpad!!!!
  7. on the options of 5i, you can select the ahci 7 (something like that) option, and ahci will automatically work.
  8. okay i got how to pass the ahci part (just read the guide carefully). it says that 10.5.4 (iatkos 4) has problems with its ahci. so just put it to ata, boot leopard. it first gave me a glimps of hte blue screen, then gave me a black screen, but a way around that is to just keep moving hte trackpad. then install the "fixed" kernels from the bottom of the guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=119654 after, just reboot and switch back to ahci and you're done! only problem i have now is that the trackpad and the keyboard doesn't work at the setup screen, so i'm stuck after the intro movie.
  9. yeh, got the error on the first boot. so we can't use vanilla kernels on this?
  10. Same problem here on my m1330/x3100. Got the : Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort and root device problem after that. Someone, please help us 5i-ers.
  11. A Hamster

    reinstall efi?

    Hi, had dual boot on 1 hd with xp and leopard, and the selection/bootloader ran fine. I installed windows 7 over the xp partition, and now it boots directly to Win7. Now how can I get bootloader back? Thanks.
  12. A Hamster

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    hi, i have problems with this version. kalyway 10.5.2 works fine for me, but ideneb gives me this problem and cannot boot for the first time after installation on my p5w dh deluxe. mdworker[82] (Error) SyncInfo: Boot-cache avoidance timed out! can anyone lend a hand?
  13. A Hamster

    NTLDR Missing

    may i ask, what's the purpose of going back to mbr then back to guid? Why not just keep it as guid?
  14. A Hamster

    NTLDR Missing

    awesome. once you find out, hook me up with the solution!
  15. A Hamster

    NTLDR Missing

    i installed Kalyway's, worked, a month later, NTLDR MISSING. Installed Leo4AllV3, worked, a month later, NTLDR MISSING. I give up until someone can find a reason why this is happening to us.