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Odd HD 5770 Problem - Appeared 2 days ago


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All was working fine for pretty much approaching 8 months now on my machine (Core i7, Asus P6T SE, Radeon HD 5770).

The other day I was looking to sell my old nVidia GT 220 to a mate and decided to make sure that it works before selling it - I plugged it in and it booted, although my display never actually turned on. I replaced the 5770 back into the computer and now, whatever I try - change display resolution, trashed the display plists, reinstalled kexts - the display is just moved to the right!

The resolution is correct - 1920x1080 - and hardware acceleration is present. Everything is still 100% except for the display which has moved to the right!

I tried reconfiguring my TV as well. I'm connected via VGA through a DVI adapted that is plugged into the DVI port of the card.



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