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In big trouble, busted wife's computer.


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So here's the story.


A buddy of mine put together a hackintosh to give to his girlfriend, but she didn't like OSX. My wife, forever stealing my MacBook, was quite happy with it, so I took it off his hands.


The other day, not having touched the computer for any length of time, I thought I'd run some updates, of which there seemed to be many, (which I now realise may have been the beginning of my downfall). On reboot the resolution had changed to 800x600 with no options to change it.


"Hmmm, shouldn't be too much trouble to fix" I thought. How wrong I was.


With some half-arsed googling I decided to replace some kexts or something. That didn't work, so I blindly continued replacing this and deleting that and God knows what.


Eventually, I ended up swearing a lot after it no longer booted up, presenting me with a grey screen that insisted I reboot my computer. I threw it in the corner.


That was over a week ago, and now the wife is getting angry.


I know a lot of the information presented above may not have any direct bearing on the situation but I thought it might endear you lovely lot into helping a complete noob fix a computer.


So, other than the fact I've messed around with the kext files and lost track of what I did, here's some other info:


The unit is a Medion E1210 (which I believe is just a repackaged Wind)

I'm running Vanilla 9.8.0 Kernel (whatever that is)

I can quite happily boot into safe mode, albeit at 800x600.


I didn't originally install OSX so I don't know how it was done or anything about it. The guy who did can't remember (when I asked him for help he helpfully told me to google it. He's now no longer my friend).


Is there a default set of kexts that I can use, to simply delete whatever nonsense I've got, replace them with ?


What are my options?

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That was over a week ago, and now the wife is getting angry.



Here this might help, you may be able to install over the top or if it gives you the option archive and install. If there is nothing that needs keeping, do a clean install



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The unit is a Medion E1210 (which I believe is just a repackaged Wind)

If that really is the case then you should go here: http://www.insanelywind.com/forum/

Also visit the old, archived forum: http://insanelywind.com/msiarchive/


And visit one of the many tutorials and guides for the MSI Wind, it's a very popular Hackintosh platform.


I am not familiar with the MSI Wind, but from what you're saying it sounds like you need to re-patch the video drivers. They were patched on the installation and you downloaded an update that replaced the patched files with newer, unpatched ones. I cannot be more specific, so I'm going to give you the same advice as your ex-friend did.

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