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Combo USB Pendrive? Is it possible?


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Hi every 1!


I 've just bought Asus eee 1215n.


I wonder to make COMBO USB



I want to make Pendrive with Win7 installer and Netbook Installer with Snow Leo; and make some free space for normal data storing (my Pendrive got 32GB). I think that i have to do 3 partitions (am i thinking right?)


Do you know how to make it?

Are there any guides ?


Yours faithfully



(sorry for my english, but im from Poland...)

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Yes, it's perfectly possible, and there loads of ways to go about it. I set up a triple-booting install stick (16gb) some years ago, it takes quite a lot of fiddling & if you're anything like me you'll end up redoing it a few times to add clever features that come to mind as you go. I went with syslinux as a bootloader on its own little partition and chainloaded the different partitions from there with a nice gui (not sure if that still works or if there are better options available now) I also used a netboot and disc image to boot the retail DVD with a selection of prelinked kernels, another technique I believe is deprecated in snow. Either way, have fun, if you stick at it you can end up with a rather neat & polished "install-em-all" solution you can carry in a pocket.

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