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My triple-boot


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My Specs:

• Asus P5E Deluxe Intel X48

• Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

• NVidia 9800 GT 1024Mb

• Thermaltake 850w Powersupply

• 4g Ram (Corsair Dominator 2x2g)

• SupremeFX II Audio PCIe

• Soundblaster X-Fi Ultimate Music PCI

• Seagate Barracuda 500g HardDrives

• Hitachi 400g HardDrive

• ASUS DVD Burner


Before MacOSX I was running Win7 and Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit.



• I put 10.6.3 onto a 8g usbkey from Ubuntu from an iso image created in Win7.

• I created an /Extra/Extensions folder on the usbkey with 5 extensions.

• (fakesmc, NVEnabler, OpenHaltRestart, PlatformUUID, SleepEnabler)

• My com.apple.Boot.pist has one entry for the NVEnabler. GraphicsEnabler=Yes


Booting the key with grub:

• Boot into Ubuntu.

• Plug in the usbkey.

• Run update-grub.

• Edit grub.cfg and remove the 32-bit Mac OS X entry.

• Restart selecting Mac OS X 64-bit from grub.


Installing Mac OS X:

• I used the whole 400g Hitachi drive for my mackintosh.

• Formatted, labeled "MacOS".

• Installed.


• Use the terminal and copy the Extra folder to the new installation.

• Restart selecting Ubuntu from grub.

• Remove the usbkey.

• Run the update-grub again.

• Edit the grub.cfg and remove the 32-bit menu entry.

• Now the Mac OS X (64-bit) is your new installation you just made.

• You can set the default timeout and menu entry here too.

• Restart into Mac OS X.


Updating to 10.6.5:

• I was able to run the update package and reboot with grub.

• Using grub, the original Apple boot EFI is in place.


Post Installation:

• AppleYukon2_88e8056.kext (Made myself. Just contains the 53 to 56 info.plist. No actual driver in the kext)

• Installed VooDooHDA-2.7.2.


Things to Fix:

• Identify the cpu as a xeon quadcore.

• Identify the motherboard as a MacPro 5,1.

• VooDooHDA doesn't recognize the X-Fi card. Only the SupremeFX II card.

• Fix VooHooHDA to correctly identify the 3.5mm jacks. 4 jacks show up and seem to work. I know this has something to do with the pins etc... I know it can get better. Not even mentioning saving its preferences between boots.


Boot error (Seems to be not fatal):

• kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::pushCPU_CSTData - _CST evaluation failed

• kernel[0]: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initialization failed: C-state power management not initialized


This is a very basic description of how a newbie like me got my rig going. Information is so spread out on the web. I read at least 20-30 forum threads and web pages before this got simplified to this level.


I can elaborate on this if people want it. If your a linux user you should know how to do all of this.


Have fun.

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Thanks for the info will play around with it in the future.


No mention of a DSDT, smbios? are you using those in the /EXTRA as well?


"Using grub, the original Apple boot EFI is in place." So thats what is in place instead of Chameleon?

GRUB is acting as the boot taking care of all the power-management like stuff and acting as DSDT?

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I did not got around to messing with DSDTs yet. The grub loader default script can pass the DSDT.aml info to the kernel if it is present in the /Extra folder.


Whom ever works on grub knows about hackintosh and the Extensions.gkext are loaded from the /System/Library/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions.


It seems grub can also load ramdisk images for whatever reason before the kernel starts. ?!?


I have used Chameleon and used an smbios.plist in an earlier install, but I have not figured out which kext to use to load a smbios.plist without using Chameleon.


grub is currently on my main boot drive and taking care of which OS to load. As fas as I know the only thing it passes to the mach_kernel is the UUID of the partition, loading ramdisks, and letting the kernel know which kexts to use.


In my current Mac install I did not install Chameleon. I am trying to get as vanilla as possible.

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