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Parallels Desktop 5 and BootCamp

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i'm not sure is this right forum but it is closest i can figure...


Problem is that my Asus P5QL Pro - based SnowLeopard (10.6.5 totally working) changes disks when booting up. I have 2 disks that are physically same, other one is HFS+ and the other is my "BootCamp" Windows 7.


When i start Parallels Desktop it sometimes tries to use the other WD Disk - not the Windows7 HDD.


This is my setup:


SSD 64Gb disk0 HSF+

HDD 1TB disk1 HSF+

HDD 500Gb disk2s1 HSF+

HDD 500Gb disk3s1 "System Reserved" / disk3s2 "Win7" NTFS


Sometimes NTFS disk is set to disk 2. Then Parallels can't boot, because in BootCamp - settings the disk is set to disk3.



How can i make my Hackintosh mount always NTFS disk as disk3 ?


Parallels support had one answer to fix this ; buy upgrade to Parallels 6 (50euros). I'm really a bit disappointed to that answer :D


Can anyone help me with this ?



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