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    Messing around, annoying other people, fixing things that are not broken, and - of course - putting my nose on other peoples business.<br /><br />----- > 42 <----- <br />There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.<br />There is another theory which states that this has already happened.<br />
  1. Kari_Juhani

    GTX460 - No QE/CI in Lion GM

    In my native language i can only say "PERKELE" to this. That's when you have trying to find and find a solution and you read from a small post like this that it is so d@mn simple. I just unchecked that option from MissionControl and there it is.... ripple effect on dashboard. thanks... Kari
  2. Kari_Juhani

    SOLVED : GeForce 210, QE/CI or not QE/CI ? (LION !)

    Thanks for help... unfortunately i did not help ! I did get OSX to recognize my card as GT8600 , but no QE/CI. Kari
  3. This was a reply to another nVidia card. Tested it and there it is... damn ripples... QE/CI working. ---------------------------------------------- Hi all, i have tried to find answer for this card... does it support or not ! There are some conflicting answers around different sites. And by judging the dates of these posts, they are talking about Snow, even it is not written anywhere. I use, at the moment, only "GraphicsEnabler=Yes and PciRoot=1". No QE/CI as i see it... OpenGL works, up to 2.2 and somewhat also in 3.0 (about 350 to 400FPS) I tested with latest NVEnabler = NO LUCK and with inserting strings to boot.plist .... if i set GraphicsEnabler=No, it won't boot and gets stuck on "[PCI Configuration begin]" I have also a Quadro FX3700 and it (and also this 210) is working perfectly on 10.6.8 !!! Any help would be nice... does anyone have this card working on Lion ? kari
  4. Kari_Juhani

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    nVidia Quadro FX 3700 QE/QI does not worh with any combination. In Snow (10.6.8) works with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, but not in Lion. Kari
  5. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    Should i understand this that it is too much or too little.... or do you just poke your eye while typing? It's a bit hard to understand caveman language these days. But you can draw a simple picture, i'll try to read that. I don't know how it's is in other countries, but in Scandinavia (mainly Finland, Sweden, Norway) generally speeds are fast in public networks. There are certain new apartments that offer 1GB download to normal homeuser. And in mobile networks, 4G or LTE has come and you can use your device on these networks and they give you 20 - 100Mbps download.
  6. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    Just took Speedtest.net = 9ms ping , 91,88Mbps down and 6.05Mbps up. It is actually a 200/20Mbps Cable, but GB - ports on ethernet does not worn on HackIntosh (X58A-UD7) Kari
  7. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    Well.... sort of works.. no sound yet, but it should be easy .. using GB X58A-UD7 (bios F8) and i needed to use DSDT from Snow because it is made for that BIOS. Fast boot ! Had to make fresh install, used Kakewalk (One thing that is from Sweden aqnd works !, not many others ...) and it was fast as they say. Some minor things / kext's from Snow.. added RealtekRTL81xx - for net, AHCIPortInjector - now is my NTFS - HDD's also in Devices. Using GraphicsEnabler=YES, got both screens and Quadro FX 3700 correctly identified. No QE/CI yet... In one sentence: Works, but has some "features".
  8. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    i had to push couple times download-tag before it started. after i started, 3.7GB came home in about 5 mins !!!
  9. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    ok.. i'm glad i have exact copy on BackUpHD edit 1) i'm trying to upgrade 10.6.8 to Lion ! now pushing restart to finalize... hopefully see you soon edit 2) -- 1st boot for nothing, back to Snow ! edit 3) -- will make Kakewalk as backup before try agaon....
  10. Kari_Juhani

    Lion @ AppStore

    Anyone downloaded and installed yet ? Downloading it myself now... Kari
  11. Kari_Juhani

    FYI: EyeTV recordings on SATA, OSX on SSD

    These are for my MoBo... you need to get those that are for your Mobo.. My /E/E is It is like that because i have SATA300 + SATA600 and eSATA - ports. Kari
  12. Kari_Juhani

    FYI: EyeTV recordings on SATA, OSX on SSD

    Hi, i have EyeTV on my MacIntoshHD (SSD 64GB) and Extra Applications (SATA HDD 500GB). EyeTV archive is at HDD. My receiver is TerraTec Cinergy DT XS on HighSpeed USB. This works ok, also after the sleep. I have a GB x58a-UD7 MoBo, and i there are 3 different kind of SATA - ports on it. And also 3 different kind of kexts for drivers. I dont know what MoBo you have, but check that you have latest drivers. You wrote also ; "When i want to record some movies after sleep from SATA it is not possible. (Recording with 0 seconds length)." Do you mean, when you want to record TO SATA ? If so, this tells you that the problem is probably on your SATA drivers (ketxs), noit in the EyeTV - software. It can also be a USB - problem, Your Elgato is USB - card/stick ? Kari
  13. I'm not sure how you made your system or is there any problems at all, but here's somethings what i noticed... I have a dual boot system where OSX and Win7 are in their own disks. When you run Win7 service pack, you must have Win7 as "de facto" booting disk, no tricks - it must be the first partition. Only then Service Pack can be installed. This is same as making backup with Windows tools, only when Win7 is primary you can make it. After Service upgrade, you can change OSX back to primary. This is the reason I have to different HDD's. One strange thing; after Service Pack you see "old" Longhorn (Vista) boot logo, so there are some changes in Win7 boot configuration. Normally you use Vista Recovery Tools for fixing boot even in Win7. Kari
  14. It is that SMserialnumber .... it is for MBA. Mine says Power MacG€ (Gigabyte Ethernet)..... but it works ok. If you want to fix it, you need correct SMserial for Mac Pro. Kari
  15. Kari_Juhani

    Anybody get SLEEP to work?

    Sleep works... X58A-UD7 / ver 1.0 and BIOS IS F8 !, it is just updated from GB's site.... after that, of course, a remake for DSDT.aml and SleepEnabler.kext + AppleRTC.kext are modded for Lion (11A494a). Downloaded them from Kexts.com... When sleeping a double click on my mouse wakes it up. Mouse is a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000; it's odd to me that somethings from MS really work. Only thing "not working out of box"™ is that after sleep i need to manually make mkext for S/L/E to caches if i install something or upgrade so that kexts are changed. Otherwise it reads all kexts again when rebooting next time. So i run first Kext Utility or something that fixes all permissions (S/L/E + /E/E) and makes mkext for Extra/Extensions. After that i use this in Terminal sudo kextcache -v 1 -a i386 -a x86_64 -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions For sleep to work, it is not needed to remake mkexts. It is only for faster booting..... Kari