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Complete Mac Noob question


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I was given by a friend a Hackintosh running iDeneb 10.5.8.

I would love to update to Snow Leopard. 10.6 and beyond.

However I am a complete Mac newb and require guidance.

Can I copy over iDeneb with iAtkos? or Does iDeneb make a 10.6?

I could not find a iDeneb version.

Thanks and Great site!


Thanks to anyone in advance who is willing to help a newb out!

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Make sure your components have good support in 10.6.x or else you could end up being very disappointed and have to reinstall iDeneb.


I, for example, have Leopard working quite well, almost perfectly, but can't update to SL because of my GPU (2600XT).


Best post your components here so experienced people can guide you easier.

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This is what I have found. 3.50 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad (45nm)

4GB 1067 MHz DDR2

750 GB x2 Raid 1 Configuration (By PCI? Card Before OS X Loads)

Pioneer DVD-RW-111D

ATI Radeon HD 3800 Dual DVI display 512 MB VRAM EFI Version: 01.00.236

Third Party Wireless Card

That is what I can Find From About this Mac


Thank you everyone.

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