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Will Finder be redesigned or remain mostly the same?

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Finder is a hot topic when talking about leopard, most people (if not all) think finder needs an important overhaul, it makes sense for apple to improve it, there are things that are inconvinient, and others that have to be changed to follow its evolution is some areas. The weirdness started when not even a single improvement of finder was mentioned on the keynote; finder was completely ignored, only mentioned and shown when it was needed to show a feature on another app.


This made me, and others (see this TUAW article), believe that we will indeed see a major upgrade to it (as it would be expected), and hints that the upgrade will be an essential part of leopard and a major upgrade point.


Perhaps it will add innovative file browsing features unknown to the consumer market. Or far more likely, expand the current "smart folder" and spotlight features. Like adding tagging and manually modifiable metadata, and more ways (more practical) to make use of them, without limiting oneself to the standard folder structure. Accompanied with interface improvements and changes on the window structure



What do you think about this? is finder going to remain largely untouched or be completely redesigned?

And in the spirit of the "WWDC 2006 Prediction Thread" What do you predict is going to be changed.

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