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What to upgrade to after 8800GT?


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Hi, All,


I'm a happy hackintosh owner for the past 14 months. I've learned everything I know from here and this past year has been my first experience with OSX. Now I'm hooked, I can't go back.


Anyways on to the question at hand. I'm building a new PC, and I've been lurking all over these boards and choosing parts that I know I will be able to get working on the new box.


I'm down to the final piece and I'm completely at a loss. I know I want to "upgrade" my graphics card to something newer, but it looks like lots of people have been having issues with the latest cards.


I have an 8800GT 256bit 512mb. It works great, frankly, I play all the latest greatest games on it (maybe not at super top settings, but who cares).


So my only requirements are, in order of importance:

1. Good support in the hackintosh.

2. Something that will be relatively future proof for at least a good two-ish years that I can game on it too (in windows only).


I know the "what to buy" question gets asked a lot, but I really am just looking for some friendly advice, as opposed to posting a "will this card work?" post. Hopefully I won't aggravate anyone too much.



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