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Change Display Resolution Of Second Monitor


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Hey there,


This Problem is driving me insane.


I have two Monitors on my Nvidia GTS 220. The first one (1680x1050 @ DVI Port) is working fine. The second monitor (17" @ VGA Port) should have an resolution of 1024x768 BUT is working only at 720 x 400.


Soo the question is: How can i change the resolution of my second monitor? Whenever I'm trying to change the reso via the "osx system properties menu", the resolution jumps automatically to 640x480 (for both displays) and i have to restart to get the proper reso for my first screen back.


Any suggestions?


Im running Snow Leopard 10.6.3


Kexts concerning Grapihc Card installed (Maybe this helps finding a solution):



NVEnabler 64.kext





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You must make a dualmonitor configuration. Go to system preferences-->Display-->Disposition (I think,I've Italian version) the second menù and the you have to drag the white line on the second monitor (it will bethe primary monitor)

sorry for the english... :P


Thanks for the reply, but this is not my problem.


I cant change the resolution of my second screen (connected via VGA). Whener Im trying to set 1024x768 in the Preferences the screen jumps at the lowest resolution available and stucks at it as long is i am rebooting.

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