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couple problems and questions


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i have 8gb of ram in the computer and the computer shuts down when boting into OS X Snow leopard. when i do maxmem=4096 it works perfect, when i put that as a flag it doesnt.....i dont understand, i put it in as

<key>Kernel Flags</key>



and it does not work, neither do the other objects i put, i dont understand what the problem is. i forced it into 64 bit using -force64 during startup, and it had problems non of my programs would open, i would love to use all 8 gb of ram if there is a solution, and also like to get my flags working.


can anyone help?

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i really dont wanna take out the other 4...i bought them for a reason, im still using windows as my main OS, but...idk y its not working, i mean its not a big deal if i only use 4, but wuts bother me is that the maxmem=4096 flag is not working for me at all, i have to type it in everytime i boot...

but if theres a solution to all this it would be awesome, both my flags dont seem to work, nor does all 8 gbs...and how do i get it to 64bit??

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