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Problems again...


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Hi, its me again. After about 40 reinstalls of 2 hackintosh distros(hazard and SnowLeo which i got from here) i couldnt get my pc working good with mac. With hazard my PS/2 keyboard isnt working, regardless of bios settings. If i select the cmos reset fix nvenabler gives me black screen. Without the cmos fix it works, but i have to restart my cmos every time i start my pc, lol. Uh, i forgot, the PS/2 driver gives me Unexpected aknowlege blah blah. I have usb mouse and ps/2 keyboard. The second distro always gives me black screen even without cmos fix. I think hackintosh doesnt like my pc at all. :( I hope someone can give me a good distro and help me with selecting kexts at install.

AMD 7750+ BE OC @3.2Ghz

2 Gigs A-data DDR2

GA-m56s-s3 mobo

8800GT 256MB

160gig seagate drive

500w fortron blue storm.

Right now im using windows again.


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