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  1. ShadowCore

    Failed to boot after update.

    Thx mate! Im going to do that today. Im sry im wasting your time but im not so good with hackintosh for now...
  2. ShadowCore

    Failed to boot after update.

    As you can see on the video it says waiting for dsmos and also 1 line with fakesmc.
  3. Hi. Ive tried to update my hackintosh from 10.6.2 to 10.6.6, removed sleepenabler, cleaned caches, installed new legacy kernel 1060 reboot and install the update. This happens after reboot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woU0AhuenJs Machine: AMD 7750+ gb ga m51s-s3 nforce chipset 3GB A-DATA 5670 1 GIG 640GB HITACHI 160GB SEAGATE(for snow leo) I didnt find any info about this problem in google. Same happens when i tried 10.6.5, 10.6.4 gives me kernel panic. Im stuck... And i need atleast 10.6.4 to get my vga working... After some spam of that Decryption blah blah blah i think i saw a kernel panic, but the computer reboots too fast as it is shown on the video. KEXTS: legacy kernel amd option elliotlegacyrtc appleazaliaaudio uuid EDIT1: Got the kernel panic. Please help me right now im using a 6-7 year old pc and this is my 3rd try to update my real pc. Guys ill be very glad if some1 helps me fix that because right now i need my pc alot!
  4. ShadowCore

    Building new hackintosh.

    Hi. Im building a new hackintosh. I have 1000$. Is this machine good for its money? Intel Core i5-655k Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 Corsair 3x2 DDR3 1333 Corsair 60GIG SSD drive Hitachi 500GB SATAII drive ECS GTS250 2GIG Corsair 600W NZXT Lexa S HP 2210m It all costs 1050$. I think it will work with no problem, retail install. Just wanna know if i selected good hardware.
  5. ShadowCore

    Problem with games.

    Hi guys. I successfully installed hazard leopard on my amd pc. It is working really good. I even played games with no lag! Yesterday, while i was playing, the game went freaking out(graphics) and i though it was my overheated video card. THe pc was off for about 5h and then guess what happend... I launched wow and after 10 sec i saw this: My PC is: AMD 7750+ BE GB GA-M56S-S3 2 gigs a-data ram 8800GT 256MB 160GB seagate 10.6.2 hazard(with legacy kernel, nvenabler, ALC888b, AMD patch, rosetta, IOSATA fix) And another problem, i gotta reset cmos on every startup, if i select the cmos fix, nvenabler gives me black screen and the monitor goes off at the apple boot logo. Hope you guys can help me! I played games with no problems for about 1 week.
  6. ShadowCore

    CMOS reset

    Hi guys. Im a newbie and now i installed hazard leopard on my amd pc build, 98% working. Everything is fine, but i need to restart my cmos every time i reboot my pc. How could i fix that? amd 7750+ gigabyte mobo ga-m51s-s3
  7. ShadowCore

    Problems again...

    Hi, its me again. After about 40 reinstalls of 2 hackintosh distros(hazard and SnowLeo which i got from here) i couldnt get my pc working good with mac. With hazard my PS/2 keyboard isnt working, regardless of bios settings. If i select the cmos reset fix nvenabler gives me black screen. Without the cmos fix it works, but i have to restart my cmos every time i start my pc, lol. Uh, i forgot, the PS/2 driver gives me Unexpected aknowlege blah blah. I have usb mouse and ps/2 keyboard. The second distro always gives me black screen even without cmos fix. I think hackintosh doesnt like my pc at all. I hope someone can give me a good distro and help me with selecting kexts at install. AMD 7750+ BE OC @3.2Ghz 2 Gigs A-data DDR2 GA-m56s-s3 mobo 8800GT 256MB 160gig seagate drive 500w fortron blue storm. Right now im using windows again. My DVD is ATA
  8. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

    Ok it helped me. Now if someone can help me with the ps/2 keyboard i will have 100% working OSX on AMD
  9. ShadowCore

    Which os x is best for my pc

    Im using hazard distro with amd processor and its very stable. Never lags, games run, multitasking with no lag. I think it will be the best for you.
  10. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

  11. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

    Here it is. Also voodoops2 gives me unexpected aknowlege from ps/2.... hope someone can help me with it because my usb keyboard is weird... dsdt.aml.zip
  12. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

    Could you explain me how to get that file because i have never done it. This is my first successful mac install.
  13. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

    its soo long to post it here. Should I?
  14. ShadowCore

    GFX problem.

    Ok i got my video card working with nvenabler, but now i need a fix for cmos reset.
  15. ShadowCore

    Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    I cant get my 8800GT working. Using hazard distro 10.6.2. When i install nvenabler i get the probe fails and black screen. Can someone help me?