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The Beatles--now on iTunes

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In case you never knew, the Beatles and Apple Computers have a very storied past. You see Apple Computers was named and logo'd after Apple Records, The Beatles little record company. So as with all imitations being the sincerest form of flatterys, The Beatles sued the holy hell out of Apple for trademark infringement. The Beatles won that one with some kind of money being sent to them.


Then came MIDI on ye olde Apple iigs. Those money hungry (joke, don't get your panties in a bunch) Liverpudgians sued the holy hell out of Apple again. Well...let's just say it doomed the iigs and led to a partnership with Amiga and the eventual Macintosh. So thank the Beatles for your Mac!


Next came the system sound "Chimes"...and The Beatles attacking again! The sound was later renamed Sosumi (so sue me, get it?) and this court case finally made it to where the Beatles can't sue at the drop of a hat. Apple agreed to stay out of physical music sales (package, sell, distribute).


Enter the iTunes Music Store and another attack by The Beatles. The judge in this case, for a change in pace, ruled for Apple Computer. Apple Corp (The Beatles) didn't like not getting any money and appealed.


Now go to 2007 and a meeting (not a lawsuit) between the two of them. Everyone was finally happy as Apple Corps got its trademark and the now Apple Inc got to use its trademark. Happy days were here for once. Paul even said their catalog would be on the iTunes store sometime in 2008


Now in 2010, The Beatles are better late then never!

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