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Nvidia 7900 GTO and iPhoto / Aperture


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Hiya community!


I do need your help once more pls! I am using iAtkos S3 V2 DVD and do want to run iPhoto and Aperture on my System:


Gigabyte P965 DS 4

Nvidia 7900 GTO 512MB

Single Monitor

iAtkos -> updated 10.6.4


I do have installed this DVD about 20 times now with different customisation-options for graphics. The system works very well so far. Lately i got already Aperture and iPhoto running. Unfortunately i had to reinstall my system and now the problem is:

With natit the graphics card got recognized correctly in System Profiler (7900 GT / 512MB).


When i do start Aperture i get:

The installed graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements for Aperture.


When i do start iPhoto:

Photos could be importet by drag and drop, but when i try to "create" e.g. a Slideshow i always get iPhoto crashed.



Do you have a clue what could do the trick? It worked already... Last time, when i fixed the graphics issue iPhoto and Aperture worked propperly (but i can´t remember what i did). But now, after about 20 tried installations, it won´t work any more.


Updated the ROM of the graphics card with aquamac´s ROM

installed with option "natit" only

installed with "nvenabler" only

installed with "natit" and "nvenabler"

installed with "graphics enabler" only

installed with no gfx-option and added the 3 nvidia kexts with the kext-helper



Either it seems to work (Info from System profiler) or i got a blue screen, when not booting in 32bit mode)


Just updated iPhoto & Aperture, but all the same...


Would be cool, if someone has an idea :)



Thanks in advance for your effort!


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