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Workin out sound kinks


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This might just be my expectation, but I hear very little sound out of the system. I had to put a CD in to make sure that the card was working at all...and it is...I can hear the CD fine. But I'm not getting really any other system sounds to speak up. The trashcan makes a funky crash, and terminal has a nasty bang when I screw up, but I was expecting some more ellegance from the MAC. I think that my drivers might be off a bit. I'm using the stock drivers not sure what they are, in profiler it just says Audio (Built In) and No Information Found. I have aMobo with a CT5880 chipset.


Line out is AC97 Audio(PCM)


Fiddling with the preferences I can get them to chirp and such...but they just sound annoying...can I change them.


Am i right that the OS is pretty quiet? I'm used to XP singing at every open or close of a context menu.

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