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    Lion installation on esxi

    that doesn't sound like a problem...it sounds like an opportunity :-) I'm just going through the ebays now looking for some used memory to upgrade. I haven't hit the top yet, but I'm sure I will soon and I want to be prepared. I'll have 16GB in the next few weeks.
  2. Cr0n_J0b

    sound for Lion on ESX 5.0?

    according to what i've read, starting with ESXi 5.0 sound is supported. I think it's supported in workstation as well. http://kendrickcoleman.com/index.php?/Tech-Blog/virtual-hd-audio-hardware-in-vsphere-5.html I took this to mean that it was now supported in client mode.
  3. I'm wondering if it's possible to get sound running on Lion in ESX? I know that ESX 5.0 just started supporting sound. and I've seen zenith's driver...in fact I installed it on my lion VM with no results. Is this possible? I know that I don't have a sound card in the system, but I wouldn't think that would matter since it's virtual anyway. Any help would be appreciated. Especially with some examples of what I would need to add into the vmx file to make this work. thanks
  4. Cr0n_J0b

    Lion installation on esxi

    I just finished a Lion and SL install on ESX 5.0 U1 and it was easy as pie! for lion this is what I did: Follow Donk's unlocker guide: for me that meant... Downloading the latest unlocker from Donk's page Unzip the files into one directory (unlocker) upload the folder to a datastore via the ESX client application. I then ssh'd into the ESX box and went into the datastore volume, into the unlocker folder and ran the install script. In my case I 777'd the permissions first. Once that was done, I stopped all of the machines and rebooted the server. Next step for lion: I got a working lion image DMG file. This took a while because several of the images I had didn't work. I used this guide to get the DMG to a working ISO http://www.sysprobs.com/convert-mac-dmg-iso-windows i uploaded the ISO to a datastore on the ESX server and followed this guide to build a working vmdk. http://www.sysprobs.com/create-bootable-lion-os-installer-image-vmware-windows-intel-based-computers Once I had the 5GB VMDK I simply created a new VM, choosing the 10.7 template in ESX, build a 40GB empty vmdk for the system, added the already made 5GB vmdk and booted the server. That was pretty much it. To my surprise there were no issues at all. The system booted the 5GB image properly and correctly installed on the 40GB partition (that i created with the boot utility during install). After that I removed the 5GB drive and rebooted to the new 40GB volume. worked great! I shutdown, took a snapshot, rebooted and did an online update...everything worked great! and Lion is running just fine now. hope this helps. By the way I'm running ESX 5.0 U1 (pretty fresh install) on a HP DL380 G5 with 8GB ram.
  5. Cr0n_J0b

    updating 10.6 in esx 5.0

    can i update safely? what issues will I need to watch out for?
  6. Hi everyone. I have a working version of 10.6 that runs fine in esx 5.0. I wanted to update it, but before i did I thought I would check to see that i need to do. Is there anything special I need to do, or just click update and go? thanks
  7. Cr0n_J0b

    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Basically what I did, probably wrongly, was to patch ESX, reboot, then I went it to ESX and uninstalled the unlocker...then I reinstalled the unlocker...etc. But the BSPatch thing doesn't work and all the parts after that in the FAQ. Does this matter? Everything "seems" to be working fine now. thanks
  8. Cr0n_J0b

    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Well, I went through and patched my ESX host...at least I think I did it correctly...it looked right. Anyway, I'm still getting errors with the BSpatch command and everything after that. I'm running, but wanted to make sure i did things right.
  9. Cr0n_J0b

    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Okay, so I'm catching on slowly. I haven't added the patch yet to the system, but might do that this weekend. If i add the patch, I'll go through the guide again and see if i can run it without issue. thanks again for all the work on this.
  10. Cr0n_J0b

    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    thanks to Donk. I ignored the errors in the patch install and just went ahead and tried loading the OS. It worked after a couple of attempts. for some reason the screen kept freezing during the install...and it took a REALLY long time...but in the end it loaded up and I'm running. Loaded VMware tools just fine, the mouse works great, graphics are...ok...but I'm not really concerned about that. The only other item that would be nice would be audio...but I can wait to figure that out. thanks
  11. Cr0n_J0b

    ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    thanks for the patch. I'm on a fresh esx 5.0 install (no patches on the host) and i ran the install path but got errors with the .bsdiff files. /vmfs/volumes/4d3a272c-2878edf8-3274-001cc469991e/unlock-esxi500-474610/unlock-esxi500-474610 # ./vmx-debug.bsdiff ./vmx-debug.bsdiff: line 1: syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") /vmfs/volumes/4d3a272c-2878edf8-3274-001cc469991e/unlock-esxi500-474610/unlock-esxi500-474610 # ./vmx-stats.bsdiff ./vmx-stats.bsdiff: line 1: syntax error: ")" unexpected /vmfs/volumes/4d3a272c-2878edf8-3274-001cc469991e/unlock-esxi500-474610/unlock-esxi500-474610 # ./vmx.bsdiff ./vmx.bsdiff: line 1: syntax error: ")" unexpected It might be that I'm misreading the directions but what i do is: 1) position the patch folder (unzipped and executable) in a datastore folder 2)run the uninstall.sh and then the install.sh -- nothing was installed before, so I'm not sure why I run the uninstall...but that's what it says. :-) 2b) run through the bspatch and .bsdiff lines getting errors. One note is that the bspatch command seems to be looking for an input and an output, which isn't listed in the readme. bspatch: usage: ./bspatch oldfile newfile patchfile 3) then the readme says to install the patch again...which i did above?? the output from the patch above seemed to be correct, so I'll see what happens on a reboot.
  12. Cr0n_J0b

    laggy mouse

    I guess I figured out that I'm using osguest="darwin10-64" and the mouse works, but it's really laggy. is there a way to fix this?
  13. Thanks, I followed you advise and I'm working on the installation, but I'm seeing some really strange behavior. let me explain. I did my first install and it was really smooth...unexpectedly so. I got all the way to the welcome screen and the disk partition utility and i noticed that I already had a disk partitioned with all of my space...this was a new datastore, so the install or the boot utility must have partitioned it for me. I killed the install halfway through, because I'm dumb...but I figured I would just go back in and do it again...this time however, the disk didn't show up automatically, and the boot ISO messed up my vmx file. Changed the guestos to bsd and other stuff...really wierd. so i fixed it all back up again...and this time used the rd(0,1)...line at boot, which got things going...I'm just not sure why it worked one way, once and not again?
  14. I'm running chameleon 10.6.4 kernel with my ESX 4.1 guest OSX 10.6.5 and I'm getting frequent crashes. It generally happens when I'm loading up iTunes with a bunch of songs. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot crashes, which leaves me a little lost.
  15. Ok, I'm going to start over from scratch on my OSX 10.6 server. I have a version running 10.6.5 on ESXi 4.1, but for some reason it's crashing when I try to spin up itunes...I have a lot of songs, but I don't think that's the issue. So my one starting question is...which guide and which files. There are now so many variations in the thread and attached threads that I've gotten lost. I have: vmware-darwin-voodoo VMware_Mac_OS_X_Guest_Package vmware-darwin-200 vmware-darwin310-macosx1064 and a few more. What I'm looking for is the latest working darwin ISO and file set. An up to date guide would be nice too for ESX, but that might just be dreaming. thanks