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Help locating my sleepEnabler kext.


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I actually have two system, now it's both updating to 10.6.5, while one of them is RAID.


I updated my single-hardisk install to 10.6.5, updating my sleepenabler kext to 10.6.5 in my EFI partition.


Then, I tried to do the same with my RAID install, and updating my sleepenabler kext too.


But I encouter the sleepenabler kext panic.


So the next thing I do, is try to remove the kext from my EFI partition,


but the problem persisits.


Then, I tried to rebuild my kextcache in my RAID install and also check if my S/L/E, there are no trace of the kext.


Where is it being loaded???? I'm confused.



my system configure is as my signature stated.


thanks in advance for any advice and help!


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