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SATA Native Install: No SATA Drive Detected

Kururu So-cho-

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Hello all. I'm using JaS 10.4.6 ISO and I would like to have native installation of OSX86 on the my SATA harddisk.


My Hardware Configurations:

A64 3000+ (939 w SSE3)

Abit AN8 Ultra (nForce 4 chipset)

512MB DDR400 * 4

Lite ON DVD SOHO-1693S on IDE0:0

WD1600JS on First Device, First ATA channel, Hardware ID 005410de

WD2500KS on First Device, Second ATA channel, Hardware ID 005510de, Disabled during installation to prevent confusion


I tried to boot with the JaS's DVD and started the installer. Everything seems fine but not the SATA drives. When I open the Disk Manager, I can't see any harddisk on the list but only my Optical drive.

I tried to install the OSX86 via VMWare. Installation finished gracefully, boot well in VMWare, but not natively.

When I boot it I got various problems, like "Still waiting for root device" or even kernel panic. So I give up the VMWare method.

I saw the AppleVIAATA.kext in the HFS+ partition containing my SATA controller hardware ID (005410de , 005510de), but I've no clues why the installer does not detect the SATA harddisk. Do I need to further patch the installer ISO or play some tricks when booting up the installer ISO?


Your kindly assistance will be thankful.

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The JaS PPF works. Now the installer detects my SATA harddisk.

But I experienced error while installing translation packs, so I skipped that and the installation goes well.

Once after the installation I need to go back to Disk Utility in boot disc and repair the HFS+ partition or I can't create any new user in welcome screen.

I dunno why this happen, but anyway I found the way to pass that through.

Anyway thanks for your tips.

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