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apple tv2 - Will it ever be a full blown media center?


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The new apple TV has already been hacked and all. It's at a very attractive enough price point that you can stick one in every room. With such an attractive price point I think there will be a lot of interest in getting what we want out of it.


But will it ever happen?


I was hoping that one day being able to run xbmc on my PS3 but with the state of drivers etc. I know it will never happen so I'm looking elsewhere for a good solution. Could the new apple TV be it.


The problem as I see it is codec support, with the atv hacked new codecs could possibly be installed in the form of applications. I suppose my question really at this point. Do anyone know if this is likely to be possible? Will the hardware be able to support decoding using other codecs?


Also, do anone know of any projects ongoing already trying to accomplish this?

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