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[ATI x700] Callisto drivers question (video inside)

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(Sorry for my english, i'm french)


I've try to install OSX on my Laptop (Acer 9502), with ATI x700 (device 5653)


I've try version : 10.4.4 Myzar and 10.4.6 Jas (with 10.4.7) 5 or 6 times....


I've download The Omni drivers (Callisto), and for me the b005 and b006 semms to see my X700 (5653)..


I've do everythink in the tutorial (but not the step 9, because i've a laptop)...


step 9 ------>


If your DFP monitor is detected as CRT by the driver, you can try to hard-code the EDID string of your monitor...etc


It is absolutely important that you do not miss any characters in your EDID string, and that it is exactly 128 bytes long. Also have in mind that the above procedure is ONLY for non-Mobility owners, Mobility owners should not do this, your settings come from the BIOS.




For look the video of my OSX (15 Mo, sorry) click on the screenshot, or right click and save as...




OSX seem's to see my x700, I can change resolution, to 1440 X 900 (native resolution), but i've these problems....


Can you Help me please, because i search many, many , many times to resolve my probleme...


Thx all for your Work !!

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