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PATA TO SATA - The last choice?

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Hi there, this is my first topic i written here and i would to resolve this big problem about sata Hd. Ok, I tell u my first experience. I have 3 HD

1 (pata 8gb), i installed osx with full 8gb

2 (pata 120gb), i have windows xp with full 120gb

3 (sata 200gb) is empty.


Now i would to transfer all files from my osx 8gb hd in my new sata 200 gb hd, so i will have more space for install many programs.


For make this, i used "acronis true image" for windows for clone the partition,Well, it cloned perfectly and sata hd boot very good and fast but i have only 8gb(primary partition) with unallocated space (about 180gb, second partition). Now i know that is difficult to increase first partition for make it more of 8gb, so i thought of use a different method.

I install a new osx installation on a pata hd (120gb, so i will have large space in my new osx),after this, i use acronis true image for clone the osx 120gb pata partition to my new sata so i will have a 120 gb on my new sata, and a second partition that i can format as i want.


I think that this can be a good way also if can take long time, someone tried it anyway?


I hope that this can be helpful....



By Zuppone...(if someone wants that i can explain my topic in italian language, just answer me, thanks...)


Bye bye

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Hello bwhsh8r, after cloned success on my sata, i thought to replace all files from my old 8gb(cause os work very good) on my sata so i will have my old os with 120 gb free space.


Guys, i using osx for first time and i seen that almost all things is similar to old amiga os, wow, i remember many nights i spent on my amiga with old ppc board :)



I beginning to look bad my windows xp..... :)



Ciao ciao and happy Osxing :gun:

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