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Hard Drive wont boot.

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Well i was really happy with my hackintosh, everything was working great. I decided to install windows on the partition i had set up for it. Installation was going as good as it gets with xp, gets to the part where it reboots from copying files over in the dos mode. Rebooted wouldnt work. My bios detects the hdd like it usually does but then just hangs, i cant get to the bios setup or anything with the hdd attatched.


Anybody got any ideas?

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Boot from a linux Live disk

Run fdisk

type "m" (w/o quotes) for command list

type "p" to print out partition table

make sure there is a star next to either partition, but not both

type in the command to change partition's state (make it inactive)

type w to write the commands and then reboot

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