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ati 4670m RadeonHD.kext problem

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hi. im starting this new thread in an atempt to get my mobility car to get full res

my hardware is in my signature. the dell one.

i've installed snowleopard 10.6.2 in my dell and the main lack is the display resolution.

im using chameleon 2 rc5 autoresolution by lebidou

the display native res is 1600x900. but i cant get more than 1152x864 with graphicsenabler=yes

without efi injection (graphicsenabler=no) i get the radeonHD.kext build from last trunk loaded, but i get nothing but a black screen. i can log in to SL via screensharing from my mac mini and make a radeondump with verbose level 4.

in system profiler, the card and the display shows and the resolution is the correct 1600x900, but the screen still black (i mean black image but with backlight on). i think this mean that the edid code is right.

in another thread dong suggested that maybe the FrameBuffer was located in a wrong memory address, or something like that.



how can i debug or look for these values and try to find out whats wrong? i have xcode installed in i can build and make some tweaks as long as im being pointed to the right direction.


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