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wireless card issue


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Hey guys, I recently installed OSX on my custom build:


AMD Venice 3000+ @ 2500Mhz

1024 mb ram

Gigabyte nForce3 mobo

AGP Geforce 6800 128mb

D-Link DWL-G520 802.11g


Everything seemed good until I tried installing the macvidia drivers.

I installed the drivers, rebooted, my video did not change, but I for some reason lost the ability to use my wireless card. It now detects it as ethernet and I am unable to scan for APs. It worked before the macvidia drivers, so i doubt there is a compatiblity issue, but the card now does not work and the macvidia drivers do nothing. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



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Hi Shappy,

I've never used macvidia before, and I'm also no expert in OS X, but I'll try my best.


I had the same problem with my Linksys WPC54GS back in 10.4.1, heres what I did...


Firstoff, I changed my IO80211Family.kext with the one I had on my OS X install DVD (I thoroughly screwed mine over by playing with it too much).


Second (and most importantly), I went into the AppleAirPort2.kext and added my device ID into the Info.plist.


After repairing permissions, I was back in business. Hope this works for you.

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