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FakeSMC causes Kernel Panic. Cannot boot.


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So yesterday I installed FakeSMC (download link here) and it now it causes kernel panic on boot.


By looking at the text stuff outputted by the screen in verbose mode, I determined that FakeSMC is causing the problem. It says something about how FakeSMC is a duplicate and it fails to start. (Pictures attached at the end of post)


With my resourcefulness, I installed Paragon's HFS+ for Windows 7 so I can access my Mac drive and edit system files or back up all my existing files for the remainder of the 10-day-trial period.


I tried backing up and deleting the FakeSMC.kext in S/L/E and in /Extras but the problem is still exactly the same. Do you guys know how to solve this problem? Am I even approaching the problem in the right way?







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Alright thanks to your FakeSMC file I managed to fix the kernel panic.


By placing your FakeSMC in both extra extensions AND S/L/E I got it to boot. However, my touchpad does not work anymore!!! voodooPS2 crash maybe? My keyboard and external USB mouse work fine but I still need a working touchpad.


I stared at the screen during verbose boot but only FakeSMC failed to load, found lines and lines of NVenabler lines like probe failed

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I tried all that I can, swapping out some kexts but I can't figure out why my Mac won't boot! It now gets past the black verbose mode but hangs at the blue screen. Login window will not show up.


Actually, I did get it to show up once by booting in safe mode. However, my mouse and touchpad and keybaord would not work so I couldn't log in anyways.


EDIT: Since booting into safemode works, I'm guessing there are some big problems with my extensions?

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