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iPC x86 Issues :( HELP


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I get to install iPC x86 Leopard 10.5.6 but i got 4 issues that i been searching how to solve them but without an answer:


1)Ethernet not working (i got Intel 82567V-2 built in my mother board -Intel Topfields DP43TF-

2)Audio its not working either (Realtek ALC888/1200)

3)The resolution within OSX its not full screen only shows 1024 x 720 while my monitor its 1680 x 1050

4)CPU it´s not recognized..its says CPU: Unknow ...the os its laggy i think so..don´t know how to explain like when i drag a window a side its get like messy...like if were a glitch but im pretty sure its because of that


My PC/Hackintosh is:

Intel Core2Duo

Intel Topfields DP43TF

2x2gb Ram DDR2

500gb sata for WinOS

500gb sata for OSX

XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400GT 512


Thanks hope someone can help me (:

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Google guide for all nvidia boards to solve your video problems.


CPU: unknown is not good for compatibility but depending on what you're doing with your hack it might not be that important to you.


Which kernel did you select when installing, if any?


Fire up Terminal.app, type uname -a and post the output here.

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iPC is a crappy distribution.


Heh, that depends. If you don't go crazy in 'customize' it's nearly retail 10.5.6, except for the missing languages and other bits of course.


My old P4 (ICH5/i865PE) can install, run it and update straight to 10.5.8 using the combo update with no problems, all I need to do is install Voodoo 9.8.0 first.


So I always recommend starting out with iPC 10.5.6 final or JaS 10.5.4 on older Pentium 4 systems, I've had very good luck with those two in the past.

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as i said before i own Core2Duo CPU..so i don´t know why it don´t work properly..about kernel...at first installations OS X had the error of "still waiting for root device" so i googled and said that i had to install all kernels at same time to make it work...


This is what terminal throw:


Last login: Fri Oct 22 15:49:54 on console

daniel-chang-acats-macbook-pro:~ ForeverFire$ uname -a

Darwin daniel-chang-acats-macbook-pro.local 9.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.4.0: Fri Aug 1 21:34:49 EST 2008; ToH & StageXNU:xnu-1228.5.20/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386

daniel-chang-acats-macbook-pro:~ ForeverFire$


what do you recommend to me? i try it all...i had Snow leopard retail but don´t boot the installer with EFI...i also download iDeneb, iAtkos v7 but i only succeed to boot after install with iPC...what do you recommend? I live in Perú, Iam a film student, and i need to work with Final Cut...buying a mac right now its almost impossible especialy because they are much more expensier that in the US, for example the lower MacBook model cost 1800 US dollars V.S 999 US dollar that its selled in US..(also i need to earn this money but my self and its pretty tricky 2.80 soles = 1 dollar ...just to make you an idea an idea you can buy a can of coke with 3 soles) This is why this is so important to me..I´ll try everything to get it


Thanks for reading and hoping for answers (:

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