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Full version DVD of Snow Leopard costs how much?


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I'm a bit confused or shocked.

I'm a PC and I'm considering tri booting my PC to include Snow Leopard.

(I currently have Win 7 and Ubuntu 10.10)


How much is the OS X full retail DVD going to cost me?

ie. All of the software I need to buy to have a full working version of Snow Leopard on my PC will cost how much?


(I'll be shopping in Japan where I don't speak or read the language.)


The prices seem so cheap online, especially on ebay - I need to be sure I'm looking at a full OS install and not an upgrade.


So Ubuntu is free, but I expected OS X to be around the price of Win 7.


Imagine how much fun I'm going to have doing this when I can't even get my head around the pricing!

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