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On dual boot, do you still defrag?

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Here is my case:

320 GB SATA Drive

Partition 1: NTFS -> WinXP Pro

Partition 2: HFS+ Journaled -> OSX 10.4.7

Partition 3: FAT32 -> Data


Some folks say that defragmenting in hackintosh is just like partitioning, never ever try this.

But IMO, data partition may need to be "tuned up" somedays right? Then the question is, whether to use windows tools or OSX tools?


Any idea?

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Certainly partition 1 and 3 on your system must be defragged periodically. You have no choice about defragging partition 1 in Windows, because NTFS is a closed standard. Any NTFS drivers created on non-Windows platforms are taking guesses at how to interpret that data, so the integrity of a non-Windows NTFS defragger is questionable.


Since you will be defragging your NTFS partition in Windows, you might as well do the same for your FAT32 partition. Even more favorable is to replace the FAT32 partition with EXT3. EXT3 never has to be defragged, and there are EXT3 drivers for both Mac and Windows. Plus EXT3 will support larger files than FAT32.

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