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  1. Walk Humbly, Son

    OMG.. Thank you so much Lynnes.. Its trully a beautiful lyric, meaningful message for the son.. hik-hik-hik (cry) To Sabr: The complete song is downloadable somewhere else, try internet archive for EFO live performance.. Or you may consider to purchase the album
  2. Walk Humbly, Son

    excuse me, it's 32 ... and human lives ... and happened in educational institution
  3. Hi Folks, long time no see how's life you there... so... i went to virginia tech's website today and saw their in-memoriam video. it was very touching, especially the song that is used for the background "Walk Humbly, Son" by Eddie from Ohio. further googling, found some links to original song and one in the internet's archive. i'm trying to decipher the lyric but failed i ain't native speaker, to be. Below is my partial homework and could you some kind folks out there helping me with the rest? my condolences to all big VT family and thank you, thank you, thank you... Edited: 28Apr07 BELOW LYRICS WAS MADE COMPLETE WITH THE HELP FROM LYNNES97. Thank you so much.. ================== Walk Humbly, Son (Eddie from Ohio) Walk humbly, son Walk humbly, now And cherish every step For a life well spent On this earth we're lent Will be marked by the void you have left May you conquer not curse challenges May you hold back the dark like a dam May you lead your life with lion's roar May you leave it like a lamb Don't await rewards for your good deeds A reward won't make them good Don't await judgment of any foes They'll receive just what they should When you find the axis of this world Don't tread too far inside Run away as far as you think you can Be well and enjoy the ride Walk humbly, son And store your pride When you need strength later on For your life's work will be judged if earth Is saddened when you have gone Walk humbly, son Walk humbly, how And forget not where you are from May you go further than those before And provide for those to come Will you walk humbly, Son? =============
  4. I didn't thoroughly read your problem descriptions, but the BLUR really catch me. In my experience, blur will occur if we use bad quality (cheap one) vga splitter (one monitor for two PC). Do you use it??
  5. I can't wait for the search features .. what will be there???
  6. if you are sure have installed FR correctly, it may means that you unplugged your HID (usb mouse, keyboard, joystick, or whatever HID). to have HID plugged on your USB port at anytime (especially when you want to start FR) is essential, as frontrowpass fools the OS that you have Apple's infra red remote..
  7. you can use all USB HID devices: mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc.. as long as USB...
  8. yes off course... just click on the options drop down on your right. sure, you have to turn on javascript for that..
  9. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    100% Agreeable
  10. M-Audio Revolution Series?

    ANy new information regarding to this driver??
  11. Hmm, it looks like this topic has been raised since long time ago. Is it really that we cannot use M-Audio Revolution 7.1???

    Alhamdulillah this Ramadhan for me went very smoothly. Wishing you Bro Ace & (Sist?) Suzuka recover soon.. Insya 4jJI I will be conducting Umrah in the next 11 Oct - 25 Oct, then following for Turkey trip till Nov. 3. Some brothers/sisters from Turkey? Let's meet ... BTW. Should you have some times, please share your tarawih speech (if it is a custom in your country like here) .. I'll be writing mine in a moment ...
  13. Well, sometimes it is necessary to really listen to others, not only residing on our presumptuous thought Thank you .. May I declare that I'm part of the majority? (which may not be the "kind of goes along with it" thing) but still I steal OSX

    I guess that you feel this way because of so many other AcePlayer's statement in other threads defending Islam, especially after those stereotyping-member. Although unfortunately, this member is also one of my respected person due to his expertise on hackintosh. As a moslem myself, I don't think I have an obligation to convert others to Islam. My obligation is just to become a good person, that's all. Whether after becoming a good person (if I ever be ) then others will have more respect to Islam, or even interested to join in, that's another story.