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possible good deals on REAL macs

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I was browsing eBay and came across a seller called Bargainland-liquidation. I don't know where this guy gets his {censored}, but he has a LOT of auctions, most of which are for slightly damaged items (some damages are cosmetic, some are functional). You have to hunt through the debris, but I saw a few good deals, such as a 7tb xserve thats currently at $2,000, a dual G5 desktop for around $600, and a iMac g4 for around $200. Just make sure you fully read the description cuz its all AS-IS. or, if you just need parts, its worth looking into. This guy has done almost 160,000 auctions w/ about 90% rating, so not bad. Please let me know if anyone buys/bought from this guy because i might end up getting something from here when i have $$$$ my hackintosh works great, but my laptop won't even boot the install dvd :)

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