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I have problems with OS X.

I installed from JaS' 10.4.6 DVD into a partition on a SATA HD connected to an nForce4 motherboard.

It works the first few boots and then it doesn't let me login. I enter my username and password and the window shakes as if the entered data was incorrect. I tried resetting the password from the installation dvd but it doesn't work.


Is this due to data corruption on SATA drives on nF4 or something else?


A few things I installed on OS X:


- Gigabit Ethernet drivers

- Adium

- Opera

- Camino

- Firefox

- Dreamweaver


Thanks for all your help.

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I think there is a parameter you can use at boot to boot to a prompt, and from there you can use passwd to change your password. Also you might check your caps lock, is it on when you're trying to enter the password? or maybe it was on by accident when you entered the password in the first place. That happened to me earlier, as the locks on my keyboard all act very strangely and erratically most of the time. (scroll lock nonexistant, caps lock intermittent, Num lock caues errors, F-lock is fine but I think that's because it doesn't have any I/O with the computer, it's all hard-wired in the kbd)


Anyways, just some ideas. You might try the password with errors you couldve easily made when entering it in the first place.

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