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Mac G4 Modding


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Hello i am from Portugal . I want to Mod my processor Power PC to an Intel and add a good and compatible graphics card like a geforce our a Ati Radeon .

And i want to know how much RAM can i put in my G4 it the last 10.5.8 version .

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you're brave, i did this and it was a damn pain in the ***


btw, here are my results.






you'll need a cable extender because original cables won't be long enough.


you'll need a drill, a saw to cut the metal backplate, and a soldering iron to use the original power on button.


a normal DVD burner won't fit, so be aware you'll have to find a slim one.



if you're still interested in doing it, post your results! if i was aware of the amount of time i had to spend on it i dunno if i would have started, but i can guarantee that the finished job looks great.

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