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iOS4 on 2g progress made with the 3g ipsw


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Any developers who want to help on this,


to get the OS on the device i think we need to mod kernelcache.n82 or as in my ipsw (kernelcache.m68) read this post on ipodtouchfans for what ive done so far, any support and knowledge would help me tremendously






here is a little ipsw shell without the dmg files, put those in yourself, see what you can do itunes will accept this

as long as you run thefirmwareumbrella with your 2g plugged in and grab the shshblobs for 4.0.2 iPhone 3g firmware and start tss server , {censored} or command click pc/mac and see what progress we can make


lol shift**


also when more progress is made im going to switch to a custom ipsw of 4.0.2 because were going to need to ssh in bootneuter for unlockers

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