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Sudden Mouse Problems


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hi there,


i have installed iAtkos v7 on my compaq presario c773EA. everything was running great, both cores of cpu, lan, sound and i was finially getting to grips with os x. then this morning i booted up mac, and my mouse just jumpes all over the place, if i even touth the trackpad, it goes mental and starts opening as many windows and programs as it pleases. so i thought... ill re-install. so i slapped the disc back in and it loads up... get to the first menu and trying to click button to continue installation and the same happens...mouse all over the place. i had installed the p2/ mouse and keyboard driver and all was great for about 2 days untill this issue.


i have tried booting in safe mode(-x) and -f but same issue.


i have a duel boot with win 7 and can confirm the trackpad is fine on win7.


any ideas??



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I experienced something like this on my machine when I had both the ApplePS2Controller and Voodoo equivalent running simultaneously. You need to disable one, if that's the case. I settled upon the Voodoo one it works quite well.


If this is your situation you might have to boot -s, which bypasses the whole GUI, mount your drive so you can write to it (mount -uw /), and then delete the offending kext from its directory.


Hope this helps!

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cheers for reply.


i find it strange that even when i went to re-install the mouse was jumping all over the place. it should be fine when trying to install as its not using the drivers i select.


ill have a go with -s

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