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  1. I'm not necessarily insisting on the latest and greatest OSX version. I know for sure earlier ones have AMD kernels available. Anybody have anything helpful to suggest?
  2. Haven't grazed here since building my Compaq hackintosh couple years back..works pretty well on snow Leopard minus quartz/ce. I'm in the process of putting together a desktop, and am now just wondering what's involved in getting it running OSX. Unfortunately, I've already bought the processor, which is a Phenom II X 4, (socket 3/3+) and I understand AMD is much more difficult to set up, particularly with the newer OS's. Having not yet purchased a motherboard, though, is it known which type might be most promising? Again, I need micro ATX form factor, and also want to be able to support up to 16gig memory (e.g. 8gig/slot). Thanks a bunch...
  3. HD 6000 series?

    Might there be any support for the radeon HD6000 series graphics processors? AMD recently released a driver for Linux in 32 or 64 bit if thats relevant.
  4. DM1Z - candidate?

    Has anybody had a chance to try this machine? Might serve as a faux airbook :censored2: ? (It features the new AMD E350 "Zacate" CPU which has an integral Radeon HD 6310 GPU. A few other similarly-equipped netbooks are in the works by other manufacturers, too. You can read about the HP here.)
  5. Is this model even sold by Dell anymore? If not, what about its successors?
  6. Sound Kext

    Try VoodooHDA v. 0.2.1
  7. So, what options are there currently for a (new) laptop that is compatible? Is there anything below $800 in the U.S., which is where nvidia-equipped models seem to start. I'd like to have qe/ci. Is it necessary to stick with Intel, since all the less-expensive models seem to use the Intel HD graphics, which can't perform? What's wrong with AMD and the special kernal for it? Some of those models might have more-compatible graphics. There seems to be lots of inexpensive netbooks that people seem to have gotten up and running with low-power cpus AND with QE/CI. I do want a full-size (=>15.6") model though. I don't care if I have to use a USB wireless card (man, have THEY shrunk lately!), or audio dongle. Anyone?
  8. Yeah, well watch the HP's. A LOT of them use the Intel HD graphics which won't run Quartz/Core, plus changing the wireless card for one that works can be a {censored} because the BIOS seems to reject non-HP ones!
  9. I'm looking at different notebooks for possible OSx dual-booting. Sure seems like graphics cards are a big problem--so many use Intel HD graphics for which there is no fix for QE/CI, at least at the price range I'm looking at. I see an MSI model with a mediocre processor (T4500) but it does have the above NVidia chip. Anybody know whether this graphic chip works under osX? Thanks!
  10. Sudden Mouse Problems

    I experienced something like this on my machine when I had both the ApplePS2Controller and Voodoo equivalent running simultaneously. You need to disable one, if that's the case. I settled upon the Voodoo one it works quite well. If this is your situation you might have to boot -s, which bypasses the whole GUI, mount your drive so you can write to it (mount -uw /), and then delete the offending kext from its directory. Hope this helps!
  11. Help fix Resolution to 1280...

    I would try the AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. You will not have QE/CI, but your resolution options should appear.
  12. But I CAN play DVDs, and movies via Quicktime and Movist, and Itunes works just fine except for coverflow, though that DOES work in Finder. I just downloaded DIVX and it works fine as well. This is all more than an "office pc". Sure, Preview doesn't work, but Finder seems to display images just find (and Preview strikes me as a very limited app, in any case). Can't somebody tell me authoritatively why QE/CI capability is so desirable/necessary? Some of you must have had experience with moving from lacking it to obtaining it, no?
  13. HP Pavilion dm4-1060us Notebook PC

    Try VoodooPS2controller.kext for mouse/keyboard.
  14. Dual-boot osx86 with XP

    Settle down by a nice fire are read this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=107526
  15. Well, the OS generally runs pretty well on my (non-QE/CI ) machine. I'm not a gamer, and using "Movist", which appears to be a VLC clone, I can view movies in my native 768X1366 resolution just fine. Preview, however, does not work--has the blank windows you describe (although a kind of transparent preview window of images does--a different app, perhaps?). Haven't yet tried installing anything like Photoshop, yet either. I wonder if an earlier Leopard version might work better on my machine. Supposedly people are working on my type of card, so it might gain QE later. Thanks!