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Right now I'm running an install of 10.4.6 on an intel P4.


I'm wondering how things have improved in the past month or so.


Most importantly, have ATI video drivers improved? I have a Radeon 9600 and I'd love to get rid of the tearing and be able to change monitor resolutions


How big an improvement is 10.4.7?

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I'm running 10.4.5. On a rig with i915 chipset and working LAN and audio controller. Just swapped the X600pro (which worked with QE and CI since install) to a Saphire X1600pro lite-retail package (the one with 256MB GDDR2). After applying Boris installer everything works 100%. This card costs about 120 euros. Though it isn't much faster according to xbench then my X600pro, its well worth the swap.


Here are the positive:


- No mouse tearing.

- No more disapearing pointer after going back to desktop from full screen open-gl game/app.

- No more double pointers (spinning wheel and pointer at the same time with Mouse-locator).

- Real resolution and colour depth swithing (Callisto gives problems with swithing to 16-bit colour depth).


In fact your hackintosh will graphically behave more like a real mac.

The only thing I've found so far is that the ripple effect in Dashboard is weird (as if too fast and less wide flowing then normal).


Nonetheless as long as there's no need to update to 10.4.7 I'll stick to this 10.4.5. I also have the idea that 10.4.5 has the best compatibility ratio with different hardware of all versions available ATM.


Hope this helps a bit,





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