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Help fixing the kernel externally


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ok, well OS X crashed last night while updating. I left it for 10 min or so, but the screen was completely frozen, and now the kernel is ruined. On a regular startup, I get a lengthy (yet familiar) kernel 'panic' error. And in safe mode, well, the screen just floods with thousands of errors, scrolling constantly accross the screen for 5 minutes or so (all from launchd). I can see messages in there in the periodic pauses saying 'if this program crashes 5 more times, it will be terminated', 'if those program crashes 4 more times, it will be terminated', etc. etc. until it finally gets down to 0 and then everything stops and it just sits there.


Anyways, this may be a total n00b question but I did copy my whole 10 GB partition with the first scucessful mac installation onto another 10 GB space on my regular hard drive hoping to boot from that. It never actually booted, so everything is still perfectly clean in there, but after all the work I did with os x getting things configured and what not, I was hoping I might be able to just copy the necessary files to repair the kernel. I'm using MacDisk so I have no problem accessing the mac partitions.


Also disk utility does nothing, it won't repair because it thinks everything is fine!! >_<


Should I bother with specific files, or would it be less work anyways to just copy the whole thing over and start from the beginning?


EDIT: oh, actually I just rememberd. MacDisk said that the volume 'may be corrupted' and mounted it in read only form. Is there any way to get around this, because I can't do anything with it like that anyways.

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