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Ethernet on D830 - 32 bit mode


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I've used MyHack to install a retail Snow Leopard 10.6 DVD onto my D830 with no problems (thumb drive method)


Video and sound are working already, however I've noticed that even with the AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext, my onboard networking doesn't want to work.


After researching and investigating further on these forums as well as others around the internet, it was brought to my attention that this kernel extension does not work unless the machine is booted in 32 bit mode.


I've checked my boot.plist file, and it appears that the arch=i386 is in there. This means that my machine boots in 32 bit mode, correct?


I'm still at a loss as far as networking goes with this D830. Everything else is running smoothly apart from being able to use a DVI monitor via a Dell dock, as well as my onboard networking.


Does anyone know of a solution for networking, or do you know how I can confirm if my machine is booting in 32 bit mode? I would imagine because I'm using the proper kext and it is still not working, that I am still running on 64 bit mode.


I did not install MyHack with the chocolate_kernel fYI.


Thanks for any help.

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