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HP DC7600 with iAtkos S3 - V2 [10.6.3.] plus 10.6.4. Update


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Hello Everyone, just wanna share my successful installation of Snow Leopard on my HP DC7600 CMT [Convertible Mini Tower] machine. I've used iAtkos S3 / V2 [10.6.3.] and updated to 10.6.4. after the installation.



Here's my hardware specifications:


  • Main: HP DC7600 CMT
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.0 Ghz
  • RAM: 1.5 gb
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 950 [Dev. ID: 2772]
  • Audio: ALC 260
  • Ethernet: Broadcom BCM5752
  • Wifi: DWL-G510


And, here are the stuff that i've selected during installation:


  • Chameleon V2 RC4
  • 32-Bit Boot
  • Qoopz 10.3.0.
  • Sleep Enabler
  • UUID
  • Intel SATA/IDE
  • Voodoo PS/2
  • Atheros [For DWL-G510 card]


Note: Just leave the stuff that are mark/checked already. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.


Go through with the installation. Almost everything works out of the box with this machine with the exception of the ETHERNET, i don't use it that's why i never bother in fixing it. Moving on, you would notice that your graphics are stuck at 1024 x 764, we'll fix that in a minute. Once the iAtkos installation is done, go ahead with the official update. Once it's done, we'll be fixing the graphics problem. We do it by installing a FRAME BUFFER Kext, which can be found here: [Thanks to Denmantt!]




After that, your graphics are now fixed.


If you guys have any questions, just let me know.

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