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Modifying Bootloader to include kext for ATI 5850


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I realize that there is probably a post somewhere that details this, but I have been unable to find it - and believe me I've tried. In essence, I'm trying to install OS X (I have a 10.6.3 Retail Disc) on a PC I built. I have a boot disc (Boot 132) that includes files that are purported to work with my motherboard and I have a set of kext files that supposedly support the ATI 5850 GPU. My problem is this: I don't know how to add the kext files to the bootloader so that they'll get loaded before I put the Retail disc in. The real catch is I don't own a mac of any variety so any terminal work or mac-specific file manipulation is a nightmare of borrowing a mac, etc etc.


In short my relevant specs:


Asus P6X58D-E Mobo with a i7-930 CPU

Dual XFX 5850 GPUs (in crossfire for PC, don't care about that in Mac mode)


When I boot with the disc I downloaded, I get to the boot options, and then if I swap to the OSX retail disc and select, both cards cooling fans spool up to 100% (LOUD) and I get no output to display, hence end of the line. I tried taking the boot disc and copying it while adding the kext files for the GPU to the "Extra" folder and the new version doesn't boot.


I'm trying to set up a dual-boot system here, and I have a dedicated hard drive for the OS X install, but I can't get past the GPU issue using the bootloaders.


Any help would be much appreciated. I think I've included the necessary details, but if you need more information, please ask!




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This can get you booted


Use Chameleon this version is very good


Then you need the correct "boot" file.


Try this method








Ok, the first does get me booted to the Chameleon page. Not sure what you mean by "Use Chameleon" - you have a link to another version, which I can't use as it's a .pkg file (my post indicates I do not have another mac to use). As for the third option, I realize it may include drivers for my graphics card, but I still don't know how to set up a bootloader that will allow me to start the Install Disc with those drivers available.



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