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PowerMac G3 Blue Project (Pimped by Intel to a Hackintosh)

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PowerMac G3 Blue Project (Pimped by Intel to a Hackintosh)


proper ! Intel 915 Mainboard , onboard GMA 900


PSU atx 20 pin includes 20 to 24 pin atx cable convertor (300 Watts - 220v to 240 v only on this PSU) 110-120 Volts countries require to swap out PSU for another PSU.


Celeron 2.8GHZ 775 64 EMT core . shows running at 3.06 in system profiler.


512 Mb DDR


160 Maxtor SATA HD


10.4.7 Jas Patched . video QE /CI all work perfectly !!! + Rea$on 3.0.5 and a drive full !! of s/w installers that you cannot get anyware else.!!! adobe /m$ / Macromed1a etc!!


Sound and network, usb all works .


apple G3 case , hacked and drilled.. up to fit intel mainboard .


apple blue keyboard and mouse.


no back plate to cover ports. , internal DVD drive no longer fits internally due to the new mainboard DDR ram gets in the way. A external DVD R usb drive ,is used instead has full boot up even from bios... the dvdr external pictured not included. !




For Sale > offers please ..?! anything resonable will be excepted .. email me at Leecoppin@hotmail.com


Shipping rates below .>>

in UK pounds .!!!!

mainland uk £ 19

Europe region 1 £39

Europe region 2 £48

Europe region 3 £54



java script:emoticon(':)', 'smid_12')post-49021-1154613787_thumb.jpgpost-49021-1154613878_thumb.jpgpost-49021-1154613931_thumb.pngpost-49021-1154613956_thumb.png


also the front reset and power on buttons. work fine. as they have been resoldered to work .ta

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