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  1. Hara Taiki , i don't care .. & don't be a snob ... most of this has anglo-londonish slang .. it's probably gone through your ears and over the top of your head faster than a whippet with a bum full of dynomite .. thanks lostgame ,..... Hara Taiki needs a comedy transplant inserted ... ironically my user name is 'callmesnake' and what did snake plissken do... well he tried to 'escape from new york'. i think this guy needs some time away from there too.
  2. yep.. it's now been corrected now . looks like some poor bar-steward got his pinkslip from apple ,for that one .Actually i still have an emac 1.42 and powerbook 17'' 1.67 PPC mac's .. But me being a typical sarcastic brit...I just wanted to put out a hook line and sinker to see if anyone would bite ..Long live the PPC ... will we see 10.6 ! let us prey ..
  3. ha ha..... if your irish maybe or from a parallel universe .. ! , all the other baseline bars are shorter check the link .. it's either a typo or evil suicide Power PC bombers at apple.com http://www.apple.com/macpro/performance.html
  4. yep... first the vikings , then the nazis , then the Power PC fanboy fanatics.... less is more .. !
  5. Guys , I was checking out the speed checks against the quad PPC G5 and found this amusing mistake , or just done by a disgruntled Power PC owning mac designer at apple.com ... looks like PPC wins the day. ;-) !!
  6. Just installed kalyway all went smoothly with MBR partitioned and MBR EFI setup with vanilla kernel setup selected , but the bar Steward leopard install ! won't get past the transferring mac files screen in the macintosh setup / welcome screen ,afterwards it's meant to make a profile ,but it hangs ands gets a spinning pizza of death and then after 30 seconds loops back to the intro screen and starts all over again, deja vu or what. tried a repairing permissions on DVD boot , still no joy . the laptop is a ecs / uniwill l51ll or fujitsu siemens l1818intel 945 chipset / gma 950 , C2D sse 3 Cpu .realtek 883 audio ,sata 160 drive . thanks
  7. hi all, need assistance ..recently replace my totally de func mcp51 nforce laptop for a 15.4 wxga , celeron m 1.66 / gma 950 / ich7m laptop (E SYSTEM 3089), the dvd drive inside is pata and boots fine, jas os 10.4.8 (latest release) , in disk utilty I can partition the internal tosihba sata drive perfectly, and the install of mac os x86 and patches also install fine ,problem is on reboot , bios says no boot drive recongsized ?? . on rebooting back up via DVD mac os x86 , I can check the mac os volume ( HFS -Journeld) and verify and repair the volume. so any ideas please. ..ta
  8. ok , it've found out its a Geforce 6150/430MCP, aka the MCP51 .. so i'm / we are dead in the water with out a driver till a openBSD programmer makes or ports a sata driver for this nvidia chipset to darwin . I'll put a stay of execution (the chop) on the acer for a few more weeks.
  9. Nforce sata controller on turion 64 laptops, no boot from patched ppf tubgirl dvd..help.! this is a ongoing issue, i've seen many posting battered around about patching the tubgirl image with ppf ( me devil nforce sata driver) ,to make this work.. It seem the new turion 64 acer laptops and other new cheapy gateways and other great chinese/ tawain sh*t . have a onboard VLSI chip made my nvidia it's a combi controller with a nvidia 6100 go video gpu / nvidia nforce sata controller and usb and nvidia Ethernet controller in 1 . we need a viable solution to making the tubgirl dvd boot on these new lappies as for the life of christ , I cannot get this to boot from the internal dvd drive ,or a external usb dvd-r drive. It gets as far as the mac os x boot loader and countdown loaded , then errors with a apple.boot .com .plist error and gets no further. It seems the dvd cant get the appropriate sata controller to boot the dvd drive . does any one have a clue around this.. please chappies... other wise the laptops gonna get it. ;-) with my lump hammer. ta Lee Acer Apire 9301awsmi 17'' laptop AMD turion 64 2.0 ghz 120gb sata hd dvd-rw nvidia 6100 go onboard
  10. Acer Turion 64 laptop no boot ..help please.

    hi guys ,sorry for the late reply. been soo busy with other stuff ....I patched the tubgirl dvd with the medevil ppf for nforce sata. but still no boot from DVD , as before I get as far as the boot loading screen and countdown timer after it's still a apple.boot.com.plist bo**ocks.or error loading etc and no further all tried a -s / -v option but still no joy.. we need to get heavy as these new sata only chipsets and dvd and sata 2.5 inch HD drives ,is the route of all evil.. can some some come up with any suggestions to patching the boot file sequence to load the nforce sata driver... any help appreciated. . once its running I will torrent a image for other acer turion 64 friends out there .
  11. hi guys , just bought a new laptop with vista... , problem is I can't get it to boot on any recent torrent 10.4.8 . i've tried the tubgirl amd dvd and jas 10.4.8 dvd with semtex kernel . it gets to the mac os darwin boot loader from the dvd , but even with a -v or standard count down from 10 secs, it comes up with apple.boot.plist not found and restarts the pc. could it be the ide or something. ?? please help ,sufficated by vista only at the moment and it feels so slow.. ! specs: aspire 9301awsmi amd turion 64 2ghz nvidia nforce ide /sata onboard nvidia go 6100 1 ghz ddr2 5300 ram 120 sata hd dvd-r
  12. hi all, just got my new install semtex 8.81 kernel ( Jas new 10.4.8 dvd) was running sweet !! after running up software update for only installing Qt 7.1.3 and itunes 7 . it's killed the darwin mac os x boot loader , no boot at all. just a flashing cursor . " _ " was this just bad luck or apple getting wanky !! thought i'd let you all know, just incase you get this bad fortune as well. !!
  13. nothing interesting here

    thats strange , It downloaded fine for me and the blog is working fine. (1 minute ago) , but hey i'm in the UK, so the FBI ain't snarfing my mac adress and IP. and emailing the app1e cOmputerz atterney. he he java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_12') Democracy what a lovely thing !!!
  14. Anything relevant since JaS' 10.4.7 release?

    You guys should stop the girlie chit-chat and gossip, thinks are still moving on in the project x86 world. the Mac EFI project guys are working hard to get a working EFI to BIOS or flashable EFI hacked mac firmware.. lets see a little more positivity, and a little less speculation . ta
  15. [V] Hackintosh with 10.4.7

    Hi danica , good job on the conversion see you removed the the orginal screw brackets, bet that was hard work ;-) .. did you sell your hackintosh in the end. ? i've just put mine up for sale as well. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=23370 ta Lee