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Install disk for Tiger

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Can anyone point me to the right direction? i recently salvaged a working PowerMac G4 PCI Graphics from being thrown into the dumpster. It's 400MHz PPC G4. I have a decent 4 x 256 Mb of memory in it and a 40Gb harddrive. It was installed with 10.3.9, and I wanted to upgrade the OS to at least 10.4. I will be saving for a processor upgrade in order to install leopard in it. But for now I have to contend with installing at least Tiger on it.



Mine is the PowerMac G4 PCI Graphics "Yikes!", I have mistaken it for a "Sawtooth". I have checked with the LoBo layout, early PM G4 uses LoBo from late PM G3's. Might try it next time, once I have upgraded the memory to PC-133MHz.

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